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Background of G.C.P

    Government Central Pharmacy popularly known as GCP was established way back in 1960 by the Govt. of Karnataka at Ashokapillar, Jayanagar 1st block, Bangalore – 560011.

    Then it was a small scale institute serving the medicinal requirements of few Ayurvedic and Unani dispensaries and hospital that existed in Karnataka.

    Today this is the only institute in Karnataka that caters to the medicinal requirements of all Ayurvedic and Unani dispensaries, bedded hospitals and major teaching hospitals throughout the state of Karnataka.

    Medicines manufactured at GCP are for the free supply to the patients at all Govt. hospitals across Karnataka. Medicines manufactured here are not sold to any other companies or public, nor does it cater to the need of Pvt. companies.

    A well established Drug Testing Laboratory also helps in the authentic functioning of GCP. Raw materials and finished products undergo strict standard tests for their quality. All the prepared medicines are dispatched to Govt. hospitals only after the „ 'DTL' declares then “Standard” according to API (Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India) & UPI (Unani Pharmacopoeia of India ) .


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