The basic objectives as indicated in the policy document are:

    1.To expand outreach and ensure affordable AYUSH services to the people.

    2.To improve quality of teachers and clinicians by revising curricula to contemporary relevance.

    3.To facilitate availability of raw drugs which are authentic and contain essential components as required under Pharmacopoeial standards.

    4.To integrate AYUSH in health care delivery systems in the National Programmes.

    5.To reorient and prioritize research in AYUSH.

    6.To create awareness about the strengths of these systems in India and abroad.

    7.To provide full opportunity for the growth and development of these systems.

    8.To provide availability and accessibility of Quality health care to people, especially for those in rural areas, the poor, women & children.

    9.To provide safe and effective health care to rural mass.

    10.To make people self reliant for their primary health care needs.

    11.To supplement nutrition and vitamin supplement through natural and Herbal source.

    12.To provide preventive, primitive, and curative, health care through AYUSH.

    13.To reduce IMR / MMR and increase life expectancy by timely and quality health interventions.

    14.To provide Health Care facility to the vulnerable section of the society especially the rural population and population of the most backward areas, The Thandas, Tribal’s and people in remote areas.